A look back at my first Louboutins!

I was going through my closet today and sorting things out and getting rid of some things! I have put only a few things on eBay but will add much more tomorrow… Things that I’ve never worn with the tags still on! Some fun stuff from Bebe, Zara, LuluLemon, Burberry, Dior and more!

I was even going through shoes and had such a hard time deciding what should go. You know the “out with the old, in with the new.” There are so many pairs I just don’t wear anymore but at one point they brought me so much excitement and joy. But I know if I gave them away other people could enjoy them that are less fortunate. But why is it that we want to hang on to old things? We go through our closet and say to ourselves… “Oh I might wear that again.” Even though it hasn’t been taken off the hanger in 3 years. Some people can throw anything away, they don’t hold on to things and it’s easier for them. Isn’t that healthier? To not hold on to “things.” Better for us to have all we need with in right? Or what about the people who hold on to their parents and their grandparents things long after they pass. A few things seems reasonable as I will always keep my sentimental and special pieces of jewelry, bags etc. But do we need to keep all the furniture and their clothes? I don’t want to raise my kids feeling as though they have to hold value to all the “things” that were mine. I guess cleaning out the closet is good for more that just your house right? I’m realizing why hold on to things that don’t serve you…. Simply LET IT GO.

Getting back to the point here… I found these pictures from when I got my first pair of Louboutins! Which was at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. They are SO beautiful. Snake, with blues, greys, whites and off white. Exotic but still classy. I thought I would want a pair of plain black ones first just to be sure they would match everything. But then I saw these and they were so gorgeous, and turns out they match everything. Plus Navy is the new black now right? Life is short, buy the shoes and enjoy every inch of them!

coco chanel

This was a really special moment for me and I won’t forget it. I felt like a princess in these shoes! I am so thankful for these beautiful things I have in my life! 🙂

photo(12) copy 2


Here is a link to a few of the things I’ve put up on my eBay store, make sure to check in the following days for some good pieces! Click HERE for my eBay store!



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