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This last weekend, my best friend and I met up in Portland for a girls weekend. We had a blast. Stayed in The Westin Downtown and it was beautiful. We dinned at Departure on the 15th floor of the Nines building and then Portland City Grill on the 30th floor of a big building downtown in the financial district. I would definitely recommend that if you are ever in Portland. There is great shopping downtown and actually fall is a great time of year there. So beautiful when the tree turn in the NorthWest. photo-2


*Wearing my Tom ford glasses, Louis Vuitton Scarf, Jimmy Choo boots, Muuba leather jacket and purple Balenciaga bag.


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YSL Tribute Sandal & Outfit

Last night I went out to dinner and loved my outfit and wanted to share it. I’m obsessed with the YSL Tribute Platform Sandal. It’s one of the only two styles I have and will typically wear from YSL, now just Saint Laurent. They are SO comfortable. I love that the style can work for winter or summer just depending on the color. Here are a few pictures, I wore them with black rag and bone legging jeans (so soft) a white casual cotton tank from Zara and a silk leopard blazer from Guess.

Bag: Diorissimo





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Lobster Red

My new nails today! I never do red, I usually stick to neutrals, occasionally I’ll do purple or something. But it’s rare. But now that I have a new red hand bag I thought it would be so hot to do red on red! This is shellac “lobster red”

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Red Diorissimo


Happy to be back in the USA! First night back, going to get some real American food! Lol. Wearing a Young, Fabulous and Broke Black halter jumpsuit here. David Yurman ring and bracelet, Alexander McQueen Bracelet and Chanel Watch. I paired this with some black Minolo Blahniks and white blazer. And popped my new Red Dior Diorissimo Bag I bought in Paris. See below. I DIE for this bag. So beautiful!!!

photo(11) copy

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Mini Philip Lim


First night out in London. Very causal as it feels like the middle of the night back home.

I just wore a black blouse tucked into some army green satin shorts with leather waistband. With my new travel crossbody I’m obsessed with, the mini Pashli bag by 3.1 Philip Lim! So lightweight! And just adorable!

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Some Of My Favorite Swimwear

Above Pic: Luli Fama on the beach in Cabo

If you’ve been reading my previous posts, you know I’ve been rummaging through my closet the last few days. I am getting rid of some things, donating some things and of course selling some items as well. There is a link at the end of this post for my eBay store you can check out and see some things that may interest you. I was looking through my drawer of swimsuits and have a few that I am obsessed with and the brands have held up so well. I of course buy new suits but there are some that have lasted the past couple of years that I just love! These are some of my favorite brands…


I don’t remember the name of this brand, I bought it at this cool shop in Cabo! I just love it so much I had to share it! I was on the beach in Clearwater, FL


Vix swimwear here, One of the best. Their material is awesome! Love this color too. Oh this was on Miami Beach, the relaxing day I spent on the beach with my friend Brittany after a photoshoot!


Tell me what some of your favorites are. I am obsessed with swimwear, I love it! I can’t wait until my own line is finished! It’s going to be amazing  and I can’t wait to share it with the world!



My eBay Store HERE



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New Hair, Don’t Care

Sunglasses Dior, Top Trouve (Nordstrom), Necklace Hearts on Fire

The hair cut itch hit me recently and I wanted something completely new and fresh. I ended up trimming my hair but also cutting some BANGS! Which I haven’t had since I was a little girl. I actually am enjoying them. It’s nice because I can wear them more fringe style but they are long enough I can push them to the side. Not sure what I will do.. If I’ll keep them or not but it sure is fun to have a change! And then I saw this picture… Just 6 months ago I had Ombre hair. Changing the colors… Not for me. But the cut and style I’ll definitely try. I love this dress too, so sporty and sexy. I was in Vegas at the time, this was before I went out with my girlies! So fun!

Dress from Bebe, Ring - David Yurman, Watch Chanel

Ombre Hair, Dress Bebe, Ring David Yurman, Watch Chanel


Notice the Bangs!


Bangs again!



Don’t forget to check out the eBay store for more things in the coming days! HERE

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A look back at my first Louboutins!

I was going through my closet today and sorting things out and getting rid of some things! I have put only a few things on eBay but will add much more tomorrow… Things that I’ve never worn with the tags still on! Some fun stuff from Bebe, Zara, LuluLemon, Burberry, Dior and more!

I was even going through shoes and had such a hard time deciding what should go. You know the “out with the old, in with the new.” There are so many pairs I just don’t wear anymore but at one point they brought me so much excitement and joy. But I know if I gave them away other people could enjoy them that are less fortunate. But why is it that we want to hang on to old things? We go through our closet and say to ourselves… “Oh I might wear that again.” Even though it hasn’t been taken off the hanger in 3 years. Some people can throw anything away, they don’t hold on to things and it’s easier for them. Isn’t that healthier? To not hold on to “things.” Better for us to have all we need with in right? Or what about the people who hold on to their parents and their grandparents things long after they pass. A few things seems reasonable as I will always keep my sentimental and special pieces of jewelry, bags etc. But do we need to keep all the furniture and their clothes? I don’t want to raise my kids feeling as though they have to hold value to all the “things” that were mine. I guess cleaning out the closet is good for more that just your house right? I’m realizing why hold on to things that don’t serve you…. Simply LET IT GO.

Getting back to the point here… I found these pictures from when I got my first pair of Louboutins! Which was at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace. They are SO beautiful. Snake, with blues, greys, whites and off white. Exotic but still classy. I thought I would want a pair of plain black ones first just to be sure they would match everything. But then I saw these and they were so gorgeous, and turns out they match everything. Plus Navy is the new black now right? Life is short, buy the shoes and enjoy every inch of them!

coco chanel

This was a really special moment for me and I won’t forget it. I felt like a princess in these shoes! I am so thankful for these beautiful things I have in my life! 🙂

photo(12) copy 2


Here is a link to a few of the things I’ve put up on my eBay store, make sure to check in the following days for some good pieces! Click HERE for my eBay store!



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Spring Sandals #Report

I love these new spring flats! They are Report which makes awesome shoes! I bought them in Nude and Black, both have gold accents on them. I am loving metal accents on shoes right now. They are super comfortable and zip up the back. I love how light weight they are too. So fun!

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Alexis Cover Up

I am obsessed with this new cover up. I actually got this on sale from one of those sites I think it was Haute Look or Gilt. But it is amazing! How cute are these sleeves? So soft and comfortable. It’s a long cover up but it’s so breathable that you aren’t hot. The colors are so vibrant and I love the long leg slits it has on both sides. So fun! I love this brand!

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