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Miami Beach

I just spent a weekend in Miami! It was so great! We stayed at Canyon Ranch Hotel & Spa Miami Beach and it was perfect! I loved their facilities. The beach was the best part! The color is so green and beautiful, definitely the prettiest in the country. The weather was perfect at 80 to 85 degrees and a nice breeze. The water was warm and the sky was blue! I hated to leave. I really want to go back. I have always loved Miami Beach. <3

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August is such a busy month for me! I just returned home from Boston, MA! I have never been to the northeast, just DC and New York! I had the best time and really fell in love with Boston. I really enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would. The people were great, the food was awesome and the city was very clean! Here are some pictures from my adventure…




Headed to Boston!

The room at XV Beacon Hotel, with a fireplace! So cool!

The first night, Diner @ Oceanaire (One of my favorite places)

Very cool buildings downtown!

Shopping at SAKS (My fav!)

What I took home from Boston 🙂

Lunch @ the Boston Harbor (Legal Seafood)

Ride the Ducks tour! “Quack! Quack!”

Our Duck!

It goes in water right from land!!!

Beautiful Boston from the water!

Where the Boston Massacre took place!

The State House

Such a beautiful church!

The Historical Fenway Park!

Go Sox!

Perfect front row seats and a perfect night!

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Great Start to the New Year!

As January winds down and I head home from another trip, my mind is filled with exciting thoughts and new ideas on what 2012 has in store for me. This month has been an amazing start to the new year! I just got to visit LA and my favorite surrounding areas for a weekend, work on an amazing shoot, and hit a beautiful resort in Scottsdale on the way back.

My time in LA was perfect. I went to my favorite areas in Cali and some just my favorites overall in the country; Malibu, Beverly Hills, Calabasas, Newport & Laguna… While I had fun, my trip also called for a bit of work. Although it didn’t feel like work at all, in fact it was just fun. I did a shoot for a big book lingerie catalog and it was awesome! I met some new people, tried on some really amazing garments and had a good time!

This is Aspen and I at the shoot.. She was amazing and super sweet!

Then it was on with our play… This is the view from a restaurant called Geoffrey’s in Malibu. Every time I go to Malibu I fall in love with the area. Eating lunch with this view was to die for. I would be in heaven if I could wake up with this every morning..

The next day was followed by breakfast in Beverly Hills area at Toast. It was so yummy! The best breakfast I’ve had in a very long time. The food was amazing!

We spent a few hours on Rodeo Drive of course… Another beautiful attraction of LA. We passed Rachel Zoe out and about and a few other celebs roaming around. Oh and not to mention the Bugatti or shall I call it “the million dollar car,” literally. Custom made and sitting out front the Bijan store. That was a first for me to see..

After shopping we stopped at the famous Beverly Wilshire Hotel and finished our day with a soy latte that was perfect!

Then we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Villa Blanca owned by Real Housewife of Beverly Hills, Lisa Vanderpump (which I will admit, I am a big fan of) and also happened to be there that night which was so cool! She is even more beautiful in person!

We finished our trip with a great dinner at Katana on Sunset Blvd with friends where the sushi was fantastic! We packed up the next morning and continued our trip to Scottsdale where we did some more work and play.

The last night we spent having dinner with friends at Katana on Sunset and they had some awesome sushi there. We left and spent a few days in Arizona for work and play where I visited the Jurlique Spa at the FireSky Resort! It was fantastic! I love the Jurlique products. You can see pictures and more on the Jurlique Spa here.

I can’t wait for more work and travel this year, mostly I am looking forward to overall success for my life in 2012!

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