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Giving Thanks

Happy Thanksgiving! I get so excited when Thanksgiving arrives, it kicks off the best part of the year. The holidays are all about family and friends and giving to others. We have so many traditions in our family and I love when every one is a part of it. We do a big Thanksgiving dinner at our house with all of our family and my mom makes the biggest most amazing turkey. This year we had my niece and nephew, my brothers girlfriends three daughters (1, 2 and 4) and my cousins 4 month old baby girl and 2 year old boy. It was definitely a crazy day with the little ones running around. Then the day after Thanksgiving we put our tree up and spend the weekend doing the Christmas decorations. Our family is really big on Christmas music too. So we are busy decorating listening to holiday music. All our cars are tuned into the Christmas station and we play our Christmas CD’s at home as well. I love it!

If you want to read the rest of my “Giving Thanks” blog and see the photos from our day… read it here.

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Food Does Matter

If there is one thing I could leave you with, give you, force you to take, force you to watch, it would be “FOOD MATTERS”. I’m admitting that I am begging everyone to watch this. It is so educational and enlightening and I believe everyone should see it. Since I bought this last year, I have watched it at least 5 times. It’s a great refresher and is a great reminder why you want to eat healthy and put your health above all. I think I could write pages and pages about this documentary. To sum it up, it is easily one of the most powerful, influential and fascinating pieces I’ve ever watched. I wish schools could show this! I wish more people knew about it! I am trying my best to share it with the world.. But I need your help. Please watch this, buy the movie or if you’ve seen it, forward it along to someone who you think should watch it. Nothing that I explain or blog about could express what’s really in this film, you just have to see it for yourself.

“Good health makes a lot of sense but, it doesn’t make a lot of dollars”

Let me break this down.

Heart disease and Cancer are the top two killers in the US and they are at an all time high.
Heart disease – 652,486 deaths and Cancer 553,888 deaths

Each year:
39,000 people die due to unnecessary surgery and other errors in hospitals
80,000 people die due to other infections in hospitals
106,000 people die due to adverse drug reactions in hospitals
225,000 people die due to modern medicine

Everyone in every country, every culture, and every language knows – You Are What You Eat.

Let’s say Jane walks into her local grocery store and she picks out some fruit and vegetables from the produce department. Even when she tries to eat with what she’s been told is the healthy choice (fruits and vegetables) she actually is getting the complete opposite. That food that she just picked out has traveled anywhere from 5,000-15,000 miles before it got there, and it’s at least a week old. Not to mention the fact that they are covered in pesticides and other chemicals. So even though she thought she was eating a vegetarian commercial food diet, she in fact is eating old, toxic food. Now the fruit and vegetables have already lost some of their value because they aren’t fresh anymore and when she got home she steamed her vegetables and instantly lost even more value. Studies show when you steam, fry, grill, cook, heat food in any way, it loses enzymes. Jane only got about 30-40% value from her foods. (Not to mention what these chemicals are doing to the soil, the water, and the air.

In the film, it explains how your immune system digests cooked foods. If you eat more than 51% cooked foods, your immune system goes into a state of being invaded, it thinks it’s being taken over by a foreign substance because it recognizes the food as toxic – and is activated on a false alarm. You’ll find out more about this and why this is so bad, in the film.

Essentially the United States is suffering from Chronic Mal-Nutrition. David Wolfe talks about what we need, what our bodies are meant to survive and stay strong with that will keep us healthy, prevent getting sick and make us live long lives. Things like Spirulina – the highest protein content food in the world. 50% of protein in ANY food is destroyed when cooked. So putting some Spirulina in a glass of water vs eating a big steak is monumental for your body and what it responds to. Eating a steak is so hard on your digestive system and takes a ton of energy to break down and you aren’t receiving anywhere near the amounts of protein in Spirulina. The same goes for Cacao beans (chocolate) – the highest natural source of magnesium and chromium, one of the highest in zinc, manganese, and vitamin C. It’s one of the highest anti-oxidant content foods in the world. But not in processed chocolate like you Hershey’s you buy at the store, that has none of these because it’s all been heated. And anti-oxidants protect us from DNA damage, viral damage, cancer and skin damage.

Now what has happened, is our values have changed. A lot of people say, “I don’t have time to cook dinner at home” or “Buying organic is too expensive” and yet they drive a nice car or got a new car. We would rather pay for rent than the best food ever. People would rather spend money on a house or a car than feed their children the best super foods found in the world. We all should be investing in our families health instead. That should be the first priority. Instead, health suffers and we have more and higher medical and insurance bills than ever.

The one thing that doesn’t get enough importance and there is often a misconception about is vitamins. We didn’t use to have them and now they are readily available and over the counter for anyone. We’ve all heard stories about how Vitamin C can cause kidney stones, that this vitamin and that can cause X. But nutritionists have read the medical literature and not case exists of Vitamin C causing a kidney stone. There is this myth about vitamins and overdosing and causing problems. But there’s no scientific research for this. It’s simply not true. But, there is however research and studies that show that high enough amounts of Vitamin C and other vitamins can prevent illness and treat illnesses. BUT, is there money in that? Will that keep the pharmaceutical companies in big business? Will that keep most doctors making big money?

Then the film goes into a Doctor vs a Nutritionist. And it’s really all very interesting. I encourage you to watch it as soon as you possibly can and let me know what you think! You won’t regret it!

“Let thy food, be thy medicine” -Hippocrates (460-370 B.C)

Learn more about Food Matters here

Or get Food Matters below

If you want to learn more about this and other ways to get healthy come visit the Rock A Healthy Body site!

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Rock A Healthy Body!

I’m happy to announce that Rock A Healthy Body – my health, nutrition and fitness blog is finally finished! I am so excited! There are a few additions that will come in time and I am working on those now. But please check it out and let me know what you think of the site! 🙂

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