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I was just in New Orleans last weekend for a fun girls trip! I have only been a few times but for the first time I got to have a fun mini trip for just us girls. We went to the Katy Perry concert and she was awesome live! Great entertainer and killer voice. We kept feeling like we were in the middle of a candy land game. It was pretty cool. We stayed at the W which was very nice there, and had a great breakfast there before we went out shopping. There are some cute little boutique stores there so we got some fun things. But my most favorite thing I brought home was this New Orleans art.

You should also check out abstract art by Brittain Morrison. She is an incredible new artist and she has created some amazing works of  art. This is one that she made, the picture doesn’t do it enough justice compared to seeing it in person but still amazing.

You should all check her out

We also have a Peter Lik and another on the way. Most of you have probably heard of him. Famous photographer that has galleries all over as well as a show on the weather channel. His work is so beautiful.
And this newest piece up above is from New Orleans, which makes it our second from that area. Both are jazz types scenes and they are full of vibrant colors!

This canvas was painted by a local artist in New Orleans and I have to say there are some extremely talented and creative artists there. Just walking around the French Quarter, you see it everywhere. Their spirit is still alive and loud in Nola! Supporting your local artists is so important! I’m glad we have been able to do that. I can’t wait to get more!

So now that I have this new found love of art, I’m constantly looking for more. And I definitely can appreciate it all. What type of art do you have? I curious to know what else am I missing out there?

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